This morning during my meditation my mind drifted towards weight loss. I have a goal to lose 30 pounds this year by July 1 (my 30th birthday). However, we are now in almost mid April and I have gained a pound.  So during the non-focus periods of the meditation I got into exercises I can do and all that feel good “proactive” stuff to “fix the problem”.  Exercise, meal plans, cabinet purges and all.

Then I stopped. I asked myself “why do you want to lose weight?” and my response was so I can look good and fit into my clothes I already own. The response I received was almost eye-opening LOL. I say almost because you can’t open your eyes during meditation. The response was “you gotta go deeper than that”. Nothing else. No other feedback. So over the next few days I’ll be doing some soul-searching on this weight thing.

I know deep down inside this is a self-esteem issue. This is what I have been meditating and praying on for the last month or so along with building intense gratitude in to my life. Overall I’ve seen a massive improvement in my outlook on life. Saying that, I am a continuous work in progress.

So the takeaway for you is your “why” needs to be deeper than that. So whip out your notebook and do some journaling exploring “why you want one of your biggest desires and why it is important to you”.  Then go deeper than that.  This process is necessary for you to get to the root of the desire so you can tap into it along the journey to your goal.

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With 💗

Brittany Marie