Let’s Work Together!

Do you feel you have a mission to change the world but don’t think you can do it?  Are you a Unconventional Female Entrepreneur Struggling to Bring Money into her business though you’ve been doing this for over a year now?

Chances are if this is true you probably think you are missing some ultimate strategy… and you are… but it’s not…

the latest marketing tips…

the latest business tips…

or even the latest netowrking tips.

The issue is probably your MINDSET!

What is mindset?

Mindset is the thoughts and attitudes you have towards yourself and other things… which in this case is either success or money.

There’s some belief you have that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential in your busines and in your life.

How does this show up in your business?



Lack of follow-through

Trying to do it all



Shiny object syndrome

and more!

Introducing the
Abundance Attraction Package for Unconvential Female Entrepreneurs

Package is 12 sessions

After going through this coaching program that’s tailored to your needs you’ll go from frozen inaction to inspired action.  You’ll go from procrastination to aligned action.  You’ll go from trying to do it all to the CEO you deserve to be.  You’ll go from shiny object syndrome to focusing on what you need to do and when.

2- Intensive 90min session to uncover the money stories that are keeping you stuck.

10- biweekly 60min sessions to work on your goals and see you making progress.

There is an initial process we will do that will uncover the money stories and where they come from.  We will also conduct some clearing   exercises that are meant to help you move forward when you are triggered or overwhelmed.

Between sessions there’s VOXER access and e-mail access.

All sessions are conducted via ZOOM conference all and recorded.  You’ll have access to all the recordings!