A little while ago in a Facebook Group I asked a question.  The question was “What are you goals for the next 90 days?”

I was so psyched that so many people had already started looking forward to the next 90 days.  That’s why I love entrepreneurs… we are proactive people 💜!

But I noticed something…

A lot of the goals were vague, not specific, and not in their control.   A lot of them were “outcome” goals such as “book 3 clients”, “have 1000 email subscribers”, “Have 500 IG followers”, and more.

This is great but… they have no control over this happening.  You can’t make people sign up for your e-mail list.  You can’t make 3 clients book you.  You can’t make 1000 people subscribe to your e-mail list.

When it comes to “outcome goals” you have to make sure you have goals that lend a hand to that outcome.  Things like talk to 10 people and invite them to have a call with me.  <— You can control that.  It’s based on your actions.  Other things you can control are: share my opt-in on my facebook page 3x a week, boost my opt-in to a specific audience, or invite people to a webinar where they have to give their e-mail address.  These are all something you can control.

When I think of goals I like to make sure they are S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (Not just smart!)

Realistic (with a stretch)
Time-bound (a week, a month, specific day, etc)
Excites you (because it’s connected to your “why”)
Recalibration is possible (If you’ve been falling off track you can adjust them)

When your goals are set up this way, you can see if they are setting you up for success or for failure.

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Example:  Every week I will message 10 people and share how they can work with me so they can start moving forward in making their dreams a reality.  I am excited about this because it is in line with my purpose to help people!

If this goal doesn’t reach a 8/10 or higher on your excitement scale you are probably not going to do it!  And it’s also probably not in alignment with the vision you have for your business and life!  If this is the case check out this post I did on getting in touch with your vision and creating goals from that place!

This goal statement is in the SMARTER format and it’s extremely doable.  You are able to create a tracker and check off a box or star each time you message someone!  So you are able to celebrate your small wins.

As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we are aware of how to create goals that set us up for success so when those 90 days are up you have something to show for it!

I hope this was helpful!  If you have any questions comment below!  I love to help 😀

P.S. If you don’t even know where to start with creating goals click here and I’ll share another post with you!