Have you ever got that feeling, as youYou have a purpose! There's more for you out there! You gotta believe enough in yourself to reachfor it! Brittany Marie Transformational Growth Coach go through your day, that there has to be something more to “this”? Something more to this basic 9-5 that’s really 7:30-6:30 with the ridiculous commute? To the job that doesn’t fill you up and is just barely paying the bills? And how about this apartment? It’s small as hell yet, your rent is two mortgage payments (Can’t just be me right? lol) Or your on-again-off-again boyfriend who only seems to be “on” at 2 am? “Geez! There has got to be more out there for me” you shout! Just talking about this is making you frustrated and exasperated and you are starting to lose hope… there has to be something better… right?

Guess what?

There is more out there for you. This is probably gonna strike you as woo-woo and you know what? That’s ok! But I am going to let you know that The Universe (or God, Spirit, whatever you prefer) wants more for you! Let me ask you a question: Do you really think God created you, this gorgeous, intelligent woman, for you to have a mediocre, unfulfilling life? Hell no! Why would She waste her time? She wouldn’t. All She wants to do is have you live your best life ever!

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What’s the deal?

Well in order for you get out of the mediocre life… you have to know what your AWESOME life consists of!

What does your ideal day look like?
What does your house look like?
How are you dressed?
What do people close to you call you?

Ask yourself all of these questions and more to get to the heart of it.


CONNECT with the feeling that having this life has.

Connect with the vision of your ideal life that you are creating.

Connect because when the bumps in the road come for working toward these goals you’ll be able to channel that feeling and use it to continue to motivate you forward.
The point of this process is to give you a vision of the life you really want to have. It’s to inspire you and motivate you to work towards your dreams. Believe me, I know what the drift and the over-/under- whelm feels like hitting adulthood. I had all these ideas of what it was going to be like only to have it crushed by “adulting”. The daily grind in that 9-5 or that ridiculously unfulfilling retail job that had inconsistent pay & hours week to week. Not being able to plan. Always basing my life around “Do I have work tomorrow?” and all of that. That wasn’t the vision I had for my life.
I wanted to travel and see the world and meet new people and get the hell up out of the projects and just do something different.

Then something happened. I started looking for a new job on Careerbuilder and next thing I knew I got a call. It was a recruiter for the Army. I literally said “HELL NO!” and kept shutting him down until… until he said, “You can travel the world!” My ears suddenly perked up and I asked if he was b.s.-ing me and he said “no”. It’s not guaranteed but you won’t be in the projects anymore.

I took the leap of faith because in the vision I had for my life travel was a major part of it. Yes, there were other things but that was #1! And you know what? It wasn’t guaranteed but I did end up stationed in Germany for 6 years! And I got to see much of Europe and parts of Asia and the Middle East! Because I knew the vision for my life included travel and I took the opportunity presented to me.

Let’s recap

In order to get out of the seemingly mediocre life you are living now you have to know what you would like for your life to be. Picture it in your mind’s eye and attach it to feelings and emotions because that is the only way it sticks!

I like to use future-self visualization. In this visualization, you take a walk and magically end up at the house of your future self 10 years from now. You get to ask her questions and she responds to you, letting you in on all the deets of her life in the last few years. It’s a powerful visualization. If you are interested in the downloadable version don’t hesitate to comment below!  I created it but it’s a work in progress!

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Please don’t hesitate to share this post with friends and loved ones to remind them that there is more out there for them as well!