During my meditation this morning a scene played out in my head.

Yeah yeah I know, “you’re not supposed to be thinking Britt!” LOL

This was during the free mind portion of my meditation (I use the Headspace app). This scene popped up. I’m standing on the train platform waiting for my train. I looked down and I was holding hands with someone who’s holding  someone else’s hand, basically like a chain.  I was cool! Not really sure what was going on there but you know just going with the flow.

I feel the breeze on my face and my train is coming. Except… now the chain is moving… in the opposite direction! What? Woah! No! My destination was going in the direction of the train not their direction. I’m getting pulled in the wrong direction. I’m trying to get on the train and get to the life I want to have.

In that moment was a bit of fear.   Fear of letting go, of being alone, of failure, of not fitting in. It was all there. Then the train door opened and in New York City you only have a few moments to get on the train before the doors close and you have to wait. In THAT moment I decided… I decided that what I wanted is more important than following the chain gang…

And I broke free and ran through the train doors! Feelings of joy and relief washed over me when I realized a) The train isn’t empty and b) I finally made a choice to go my own way.

So let me ask you: are you following the crowd attached to a chain of directionless people?  Or are you willing & able to follow your own path and meet new people along the way? I know it’s definitely scary to separate from the people you’ve known and cared for but if you are to accomplish your goals you have to let go and go in your new direction with faith that you’ll be successful and who knows maybe they’ll meet you there!

So, today for your journal prompt ask yourself “am I going with the crowd or am I going in my own direction to reach my goals? Why or why not? What do I fear will happen if I go in a different direction?”   Dig deep with those fears because those fears are what’s holding you back from reaching your goals.

In life you gotta be courageous enough to go in your own direction. If not when you’re at the end of your life you’ll have regrets and that’s not something you want.You’ve been put here on Earth to live your best life and THAT is within your control.

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With 💜 Brittany Marie

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How to STOP following the Crowd and Get Where You Want To Be

How to STOP following the Crowd and Get Where You Want To Be