I am the type of person who wants to be “there” already.

I am not sure if this has to do with being raised in NYC or the constant “hurry up and wait” from the Army that gives me this sense of urgency. Like, I should be there already or almost there right now. This feeling has led me to rush quickly into what I will later find is the wrong direction. But If I would’ve worked on just taking the small steps consistently every day I wouldn’t have spent so much time in the wrong place. I’ve also felt that I was “behind” with college and life because all of my friends and acquaintances have a master’s degree and blah blah blah!

Which brings me to another point. Don’t beat yourself up for not being where YOU think you’re “supposed” to be.  I know this feeling very well because I’ve experienced it numerous times at different points in my life.  When I left the Army and returned back to college I had to constantly remind myself that I’m not behind I just took a different life path.  I spent almost 7 years serving my country, deploying to combat zones, and going on special missions. Most of the people I’m in school with didn’t take that life path and that’s ok! I’m not behind at all because I am not comparing my life to anyone else’s.

God created each one of us in a special unique way. So, there’s no reason to compare ourselves to others because we are individually unique. So stop comparing yourself to other people and get clear on what you want.

Your takeaway for this is to know and understand that you’re on your own life path. You can hope for the best for others but you have to DO your best for yourself. In your journal write about “what it is you want for your life and 3 small steps you can take daily to make it a reality”. Then be sure to share how you like this exercise in the comments or to my VIP members simply reply to the email you get.

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