For the longest time I struggled with “What do you like? Who are you?” And other questions like that. And I had no freaking clue how to answer those questions after leaving the Army.

For the longest time I wasn’t sure about who Brittany White was let alone Brittany White-Volks. After 7 yrs in the Army I had to rediscover who I was, what I liked, what I’m passionate about, what I valued, what I thought and how I felt and get comfortable actually expressing those things out loud without fear of reprimand.

It took some serious soul searching, self forgiveness, counseling, coaching, self permission, and self discovery to figure out who this soon to be (on Saturday) 30yr old woman is.

I knew I had to figure this and more out because after leaving the Army I dealt with the spiraling and depression. I wasn’t aware of the rates of veteran suicide (~20/day). Though I’m sure I’d never go that route I felt the preliminary signs creeping up on me. And I knew I had to do something.

Then I started on this road to entrepreneurship!

When I started on this road of entrepreneurship I had one goal in mind: make an impact. How I thought I was going to make an impact was still vague but I knew it was something I wanted to do and needed to do. In order to gain back my own personal sense of purpose.

On that quest to making an impact I rediscovered my purpose. My purpose is to help others discover their purpose and help them use it to change the world. This is because my dual left and right brainedness allows me to see the big picture and the little details (for others not myself lol) and my impact is the sum of the other movements I help build.

So my overall goal is to create a personal and business development company that helps both men and women (veterans or not) to rediscover who they are, their purpose, and use it to change the world. They will want to change the world through businesses (for and not for profit) and community efforts. This has evolved from the two other projects I started because I realized those were tools in my toolbox but didn’t fuel the overall mission.

Anyway this is getting hella long. If you are down let me know with a “hell yea” in the comments!
With 💜

Brittany M. White-Volks (yes that’s my govt name lol)