“You know what Brittany? You should only blog once a week and they should be ridiculously long posts for seo!”

“You should only post stuff to social media thats about your business/funny/light and nothing about your thoughts or what you are struggling with”

“You should be further along!”  (This one is from me 😞)

NAH!  I’m done with the shoulds!  I am going to do what I want to do as long as I feel it gets me in the direction I want to go.

That’s the key!

What I am doing has to be helping me move forward on my own terms.  Even without the “shoulds”,  I have to ask “Is this moving me closer to what I want or further away?”  Asking myself this question has been a life saver.  I want to implement reminders in my phone that constantly ask so I can evaluate.  Too often I get caught up in the research of groups or something else instead of going my own thing… I tend to overthink which hinders my actions but no longer.  I will be posting daily.  Even if its only a few sentences… even if there’s no call to action… even if it’s just a reminder to myself to be true to myself and that I am doing the best I can.  It doesn’t have to be memes… or so super inspirational because guess what?  I’m human and I fuck up and I fail and I’m real and I’m not a guru of any kind!

And I love and accept myself for this!  I love and accept the woman I am which is sometimes a potty mouth.  Sometimes unconventional.  Sometimes “too this” or “too that”.  I am not going to criticize myself any longer and I don’t want you to either… you aren’t those negative thoughts floating around in your head.  You are SOOOO much more than that and so am I! If you look at the paragraph before this one I was backhandedly criticizing myself and it comes out in the writing… this is why I recommend that if you want to truly KNOW yourself, journal.  Meditate and journal. Why?  Because in the quiet space of your mind, you see the thoughts crossing your mind like clouds.  All the shoulds, coulds, woulds.  And you let them go beecause you are so much more than your thoughts.  You (and I) have the power to change the thoughts and rise above it once and for all.  So let’s go forth and do it!

with 💜 Brittany